Saturday, June 28, 2008

So...we went to New York. Vol. 1

Cliff looking mighty foxy

Cliff and his friend from college. We have similar hair. She's good people

I'm in the New York Public Library. In a pay phone booth. Calling my mother. If you can pretend that I'm also struggling to stay afloat above freezing water, then this is a perfect recreation of a scene from "The Day After Tomorrow"

The New York Public Library. It was hard to find the books. But we did see the Gutenberg Bible! And the original Winnie the Pooh toys!

Grand Central Station.

It's huge!

St. Patrick's Cathedral

The Apple Store. It's below ground.

Tavern on the Green. Kitschy.

Me at Tavern on the Green. Full.

Time Square. You'll see The Lion King to your left.

To your right, a three story toys 'r us. With a ferris wheel in it.

Why yes, that is Radio City Hall.

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