Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Something I'm thinking about trying

I read a few blogs. Some are funny, some are...slightly inappropriate (and hence not linked), some are Jesus-esque, some are friends, and some are total strangers who I find to be dynamic wordsmiths. One of the blogs I read is written by a very funny, very honest young mom and she tries to establish one good habit at a time. For the month of July, she will be getting up at 6am everyday.
I'm doing a 21-day eating breakfast stint to try to win loot from Jamba Juice, and that's not hard because 1) I love to eat and 2) I love breakfast food. So I've been thinking about what good habit I should try to establish that would be harder for me to achieve. Here's what I'm thinking:

1) Read my Bible everyday. (A collective gasp goes up in the internet). I know - shouldn't I be doing this already? Don't judge.
2) Spend 30mn to an hour everyday cleaning. I hate cleaning. But a dirty house means no-one can ever come over.
3) Exercise everyday. Blech. I know in the long run that it would be very beneficial for me to have healthy exercise habits. But...sweating!! And shortness of breath!! And the aches and pains! Oh my!

What do you think? The Bible? Cleaning? Exercise? They'd all be hard for me to do and you'd have to help keep me accountable. But they'd be worth it.

Throw your two cents in.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to go with... exercise. If you can get that one down, developing other habits in the future may be easier. Not because exercise is the most difficult thing in the world, it's just really tangible.

The Reeves Family said...

You know I'm voting for exercise! Should I even ask if Cliff joining you in this effort?

D&D Beffy said...

Funny thing is, Cliff inspired me to exercise by joining a gym in town!

I ran today. Not very far and not very long...but I guess habits always start small, right?

Don Boscoe said...

you can always join the gym with me. We could go running in the Cardio Cinema!! movies always distract work.

anglopressy said...

If you run, you should run outside. It's more of a challenge to deal with changes in elevation and heat or whatever... It's also more rewarding.