Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hey World

It's been awhile, yes?

Well...here are some updates (and pictures!) for those who are actually interested.
After Cliff and I went to New York, we got out 1 year old wedding cake from his granddad's freezer and had a bite.
Here I am about to cut the cake.
Here's the cake about to be cut.
Poor cake. It's a little...deflated.
Here I go!
Look! Chocolate!
Look! Cliff has a huge mouth! ::laugh::
June was fun. Hot. And then July came, and with it, our niece Aubrey's first birthday. She got many many gifts.

One of which was a pink horse! That had to be assembled...

So Cliff assembled it!
Later, Aubrey and Cliff discussed the finer points of activity tables

She wooed her newly acquired giraffe
And got some books. Good for you kid.
The DAY we got back from Aubrey's birthday party, this is what I saw:

I know. Terrible. I freaked out hard core, made Cliff come home to take me and Ghost to the emergency vet (did i mention that it was Saturday? And that my vet's office was closed? And I was also pretty sick from having done 4th&5th grade church camp the week before?)

Here's Ghost in his new cat carrier at the Emergency Vet's office.
Here are the 3 week old kittens that the receptionist/nurse/vet-lady was trying to nurse. Cliff immediately said "NO! YOU CANNOT HAVE ANOTHER CAT!"
Admit it. They are ADORABLE.

So that was June and July. The next post is about August/September and the Tale of the Terrible Flooring Project. Stay Tuned.


thereeves said...
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thereeves said...

Goodness - have I mentioned lately that I simply adore my daughters-in-law?? What strong women you are - Ghosts's eyes - Aubrey's eyes - Tiff's computer - Your floor - and the snake! Glad we're blessed with men that are patient, love chocolate cake, and don't sweat the small stuff!

Anxious to seee how that floor turned out!