Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

My church has a daycare called Lakewood Child Development Center. Today, in honor of the day, they had a Costume Parade for the parents. I leave you some of those images - they're so darn cute!


Lambs, and Witches and NASCAR, Oh My!

Thankfully, Batman, Ariel and friends showed up. And yes, the child behind the one in the monkey costume is dressed like a Peep.

There was a conference later amongst the fairies and ninjas as to who was the fairest of them all.

So the babies had to place their final votes. They were anxious

But justice prevailed - and cuteness won the day!


thereeves said...

absolutely adorable! thanks for sharing - - but none as precious as the butterfly in College Station!

Anglopressy said...

Those were some cute kids. Did you hire child models to pose for your blog?

I think I saw the cow costume that Euan wore last year.