Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thoughtful Tuesday

It's "Thoughtful Tuesday"...but don't expect anything deep.
By the way, I put a poll on the side of the page so you can vote for what you think the sex of the G-R baby will be.  Have fun!

Good Things About Being Pregnant:
1) Getting to tell people.  I like having good news and I love having people excited for me.
2) People tell me to eat more.  I don't need the encouragement for that, but I love not having to feel shame about getting seconds of thirds....(as long as there isn't dairy)
3) I'm expected to gain weight.  Check.
4) I have a monthly budget for buying clothes.  Oooh.
5) The baby is very portable.  No strollers, car seats or baby bags yet cause I'm the one carting her/him around!

Bad Things About Being Pregnant:
1) No energy.  Must...find...strength...to...bathe.
2) I'm hungry, but normal food makes me want to wretch.  It's really tough on Cliff that I'm not sure I'll be able to eat the dinner he has cooked until I can smell it.  I eat a LOT of cereal.
3) I'm allergic to dairy.  How is this even REMOTELY fair?
4) I've become a germ-fearing hypochondriac.  Swine flu? BACK AWAY RIGHT NOW.  Is my heart beating irregularly? HOSPITAL RIGHT NOW!  I have a cramp.  OH NO A CRAMP!
5) My pants don't fit.  I know that this is supposed to happen, but it's still and Ego-Punch when your skinny jeans are relegated to the back of the closet. And your not-skinny jeans.  And your "fat-day" jeans.  The back of my closet has become my enemy.

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