Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Another pregnant post - 24 weeks

How were your holidays?
Mine were pregnant.
It's so odd how something can suddenly consume your life.  The more pregnant I become (more pregnant? Is there a less pregnant? That can't be right...how about more visually pregnant?) the more my life changes.  Sleeping is different.   Eating is different.  Even sitting, standing and walking are different as my body makes room for this quickly growing little guy.  Future plans all have to revolve around how pregnant I will be or how young my son is at the time.  Discussions revolve around the baby - whether about how he's baking or how we'll care for him later.  And then there are my health issues...

But we'll get to those.
This Christmas, my family went on down to Houston to visit the "Ohio Grashams" who had finally ended their sojourn in the north to return to the great state of Texas.  It was Cliff's first introduction to many of them and I think that he was overwhelmed a little.  You'd be overwhelmed too if you suddenly had to interact with and remember the names of 18 people.  This, of course, presented a great opportunity for a "pregnant" picture with Sarina, Arwen and I.  Sarina's due on April 28th, I'm due on April 30th and Arwen's due on May 8th.  Hooray!

I didn't get the memo about wearing a black & white patterned shirt.

In Houston, I also got a chance to hold my cousin Tanya's newest baby girl, Emily Ashlyn.  She was a little over 4 weeks at this point, a tiny precious baby girl.

The best part of meeting this little one was watching my dad hold her.  My dad is a really funny guy and all while he was holding her, he would have "conversations" with her...voicing both sides.  Emily was surprisingly articulate for her age.   It was neat to see a preview of what my father will be like as a grandfather - silly, funny and sweet.

Cliff and I journeyed back to Waco but then came BACK to Garland for a Grasham Family New Year's Tradition: The New Years Movie & Costume Party!  This year the movie was "Young Frankenstein" and we all dressed like characters from the film.

Cliff and my brother Eric were Igor (say: Eye-Gore)

My mother and I were Frau Blucher ::horse whinnies::

My father was the blind monk (played by Gene Hackman.  Who knew?)

And Arwen and Paul were Inga and Dr. Frankenstein (say: FrAnk-en-steen)

Next year's movie is Beauty and the Beast.  And Yes...it will be a sing-a-long.  I know, I know...my family is way more fun than yours.  That's just how the world works....don't beat yourself up about it.
The week after New Years I had several doctor's appointments.

First - the Cardiologist.  Why you ask?  My heart has been...beating pretty fast lately.  Like...really fast.  Resting at over 100, usually in the 120's and right before New Years peaking at over 140.  Not great.  So my OB made me an appointment at Waco Cardiologist on the 5th (Cliff's 31st birthday).  They did another EKG on me, made an appointment for a heart ultrasound (echo-cardiogram?) the next day, and ordered me a heart monitor that I have to wear for the next month.  Whatever is going on with my ticker, they needed more data before making any decisions.

Second - the Ultrasound.  Odd to be getting an ultrasound and not seeing my baby.  My heart, though, is very interesting.  And apparently everything looked fine from that vantage, so that was a relief.

Third - the OB for my 24 week appointment.  I've finally gained some weight (I'd only gained 6 pounds from September 11th to December 4th and my Dr was starting to look at me sternly), I'm measuring exactly 24cm, all my pregnancy complaints are normal for my trimester and Baby Boy's heart rate was 144.  The doctor quipped that I was reading the baby book before I came so I would measure perfectly on everything.
So what are we up to now?

Well...I guess all we can do now is get the nursery ready.  So of course, we haven't even started that yet.  ::shrugs shoulders:: it will get done.  Promise.  I'm having too much fun watching my belly to see our son move around.  He's a lot more active and it's nice to know he's there, even if it does freak Cliff out a little bit.

I'll post a new picture eventually....but for now, I'm off.
Any body have a great New Years?

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