Sunday, March 14, 2010

My funny husband

Cliff and I (Elizabeth) had an awesome baby shower yesterday (will update pictures of that later) and we got lots of great stuff including tons of baby clothes.  I would have just hung them up, but Cliff reminded me that they all had to be washed.  ::sigh::  So, we spent some time in the nursery sorting baby clothes into laundry piles and some funny stuff came out of that time.  Specifically from Cliff.  Examples:

Cliff: Why do baby jeans have pockets?  What do they need to carry?  Look! This one has a hammer hook!
Cliff: Man, the worst thing about owning a baby is the laundry.
Me: Did you just say 'owning' a baby?
Cliff: Yup.
Cliff: Man, I hope that he (our son) isn't allergic to dogs.  Cause then we'd have to get rid of the baby.

I married a funny man.

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