Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's case you missed it

Since April began, I've (Elizabeth) participated in a Waco-Disciples Maunday Thursday service, run an Easter Egg Hunt for close to 500 people, baptized two girls (which was very cool to do pregnant), and started prepping in earnest for maternity leave.  Cause I'm almost 37 weeks pregnant and all.

Here's a pic of me from said Easter Egg Hunt:
Hey...she kind of looks like an egg!

Now we're just waiting.  We're 22 days away from Gareth's due date, attending childbirth classes and generally look straight into the gun-barrel of parenthood.  Wow.  Oh and for those of you who enjoy TMI, at my last OB appointment (4/1), I was 75% effaced, our son was already between 6 & 6 1/2 pounds and I had lost 3 pounds.  

Cliff thinks I'll go into labor early, so every time I wince when my pelvis or legs hurt he says "are you in labor? Is it contractions? Do we need to go to the hospital?"  Sometimes I know he's joking, and then there are the times when his eyes are shining in fear and I realize we are into that time period when the questions he's asking have validity.  


BTW...please don't ever call a pregnant woman fat.  Even if they totally are.  I've gained, total, less than 30lbs, and my doctor is happy with me, and all the weight has gone to the baby, but I still get sensitive when people comment on my weight.  Just say nice things to the 9 month pregnant woman who's pelvis hurts and who's legs spasm and has to pee 100 times a day.  It costs you nothing and it keeps her from attacking people with blunt objects.  And that's a good thing.

In general, let's just make it a rule to not say tacky things to each other, okay?  If you have a bad hair cut or your clothes are mis-matched or you've gained weight, I would NEVER EVER say anything to you unless we had that kind of relationship where you liked blunt honesty.  And even then I would couch it gently and say it only in private.  So if you're ever tempted to say the following things to a pregnant woman, resist.  With every fiber of your being, resist the temptation.

1)'re bigger than last time.
2) How much weight have you gained?  Looks like a lot
3) Hey fatty!
4) You look farther along than that!

1) look radiant
2) You're so tiny!
3) I'd love to babysit for free
4) Your child is going to be beautiful

You're welcome
So if you think about Cliff and I any time this month, throw a little prayer out there that our son is born healthy and happy, that we survive the entrance into parenthood with few scars, and that I keep from whacking people who say tacky things to me.

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