Monday, July 19, 2010

Sister-In-Law Braving Her Fears

Some of you may read My (Cliff) Brother and Sister-in-law's blog. If not then here's the link The Reeves Three (but Really there are 4 of them...but we don't hold it against them...however he is an engineer so you think he would be better at counting). I know I don't post much on our family blog, but I thought this warranted a mention.

Anyway, Recently Tiffany (sister-in-law) posted several posts about our joint trip to Alaska. We have some posts of that nature coming. Elizabeth will tell stories of fish, zip-lining, eagles, whales, a baby, etc. But for now, I had to make a public comment about Tiffany's blog. In her post entitled Alaska Days 5-8 Tiffany mentioned that she and Justin went hiking and that she has always been afraid of being attacked by a bear. Well she posted a picture on that post and I don't think she noticed something in the background. I enhanced the picture and am posting it here. Considering her fears I think that she was very brave to stand and smile...especially when she had Nathan's Smoked Salmon scent in her backpack!!