Monday, November 15, 2010

Adventures in Couponing....the conquest continues

Hey Y'all!
I had another victory over retail prices today.  The following haul is from Walgreens, CVS & Target.  Total value (before sale prices and coupons): $65.  How much did I pay?  $15.  I saved 77%!  BOO-YAH! Of the 19 items you see below, I paid NOTHING for 7 of them.

If you ever wonder "Am I paying too much for the things I buy?"

Couponing doesn't really take that much time, just a little commitment and the rewards are huge.  My friend Tara (who is a much more dedicated coupon-er than I am) has three growing boys to feed saved over $900 dollars during October by using coupons.

I dare you! Start saving!

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