Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Place Called Terrible-Land

Life has been....

Severely Complicated for the last several months.

And by Severely Complicated, I mean that there have been lots of tears, lots of prayers and so many unanswered questions that sometimes I'm not sure even the ground is really solid.  We're living in a place I like to call "Terrible-Land."  "Terrible-Land" looks the same as "Life-is-Normal-Land" except that we now know so much more clearly what instability, vulnerability, fear and trembling, and terror mean.

It sucks.

I can't really be anymore specific for legal reasons.  YES.  IT'S THAT KIND OF SEVERELY COMPLICATED.

So why do I bring it up at all?  Because we need your prayer so desperately.  Because your support keeps our fears at bay.  Because I just can't keep it all bottled up all the time.

So here is how you can pray for our family during this sojourn in Terrible-Land.

1).  Pray that we would feel the peace and provision of God in every moment
2).  Pray that we would remain healthy and strong to weather the unending storm that we are living through
3).  Pray that God would bring about miracles for us
4).  Pray that we would be a witness to God's love throughout the pain
5).  Pray however the Holy Spirit leads you

"Fear not, I have called you by my name and you are mine. When you walk through the waters I will be with you and through the rivers, they will NOT overflow you. When you walk through the fire you will not be burned nor will flames scorch you... for I am the Lord your God the Holy one of Isreal, your Savior!"
Isaiah 43:1-2

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Beeki said...

Our hearts and prayers are with you.