Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Birthday Party

Though Gareth actually turned 1 on April 19th, we celebrated his birthday on Saturday, April 16th to make sure all of our families could be there.  I think its a bit silly to have themed birthday parties for 1 year olds, as they will have no recollection of the event, but when asked what the theme would be, I always replied: Crawfish.

That's right, Gareth's birthday party was a crawfish boil.  That's what you get when you marry into a cajun family.

So without further ado, a collection of pictures from the birthday party.  Thanks Jenny Dougherty for taking such awesome pictures.

Yes, Gareth is holding a live crawfish.  He was totally unfazed by them.

Gareth & Grandpa

Gareth loves his cousin Aubrey

And his cousin Granger

Nan and Gareth share a dance

The whole gang!

Mom, Dad & The Boss

Eating cupcakes is serious business

But Gareth likes to share

Grandma comes to the rescue!

Hooray for birthday presents!

Thanks to all of the great presents that Gareth received.  We are blessed by the love of our family and friends!

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