Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Here is an awesome website that helps you to understand the SCALE of all things in creation - very small to very big.

Below is a video that I saw this week that made me cry and feel a little more awesome than usual.  If it's not showing up, go HERE.

The Most Astounding Fact from Max Schlickenmeyer on Vimeo.

None of the rest of this post will make sense unless you visit the website and watch the video.  Don't worry, I'll wait.
If you stopped with the first website, you might feel terrified by your smallness, overwhelmed by your place in a universe so big.  But the video corrects that terror by pointing out the fact that the incredibly large and the incredibly small of this universe are connected - that we, the small, are made up of the same parts of the big.  Dr. Tyson's words are haunting in their passion and awe:

"We are part of this universe, we are in this universe...the universe is in us. My atoms came from those stars.  There's a level of connectivity...You want to feel connected, you want to feel relevant, you want to feel like a participant..."

You all know how terrible my world has been lately.  Loneliness, smallness, despair, fear, disconnectedness, irrelevance...those have been my words, my universe.  But when I saw this video, explored the scale of creation via that website... I remembered.

That out of vast destruction comes life.

That the very small is connected irrevocably to the vastness of space and time.

That the possibilities for life are not limited to the scale of life that I can currently see.

That there is more than just this moment.  That there were countless moments before, there will be countless moments after.  And even after I die - I WILL BE A PART OF THEM.

That God created me out of stars.

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Chris Thomas said...

"God created me out of stars." I love that and I just might borrow it (citing you of course).