Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Smattering

You'd think...

  • That seeing other folks announce their pregnancies would stop hurting after awhile.
  • That eventually you would stop feeling sad when watching other people get married.  Especially if its just on TV.
  • That "special" songs would lose their significance after being played a million times.
  • That after sleeping alone on a queen size bed for over a year, I'd sleep in the middle rather than on "my side."
  • That I would have come up with a good, quick and evasive answer to the question "What does your husband do?"
  • That people would know the answer to "How is Cliff doing?" doesn't change.
  • That I would eventually get into a routine at home that allows me to keep it reasonably clean.
You'd think ,wouldn't you?

It doesn't.
You don't.
They don't.
Not yet.
I haven't.
Bless 'em.
Not even close.

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