Wednesday, January 21, 2009

About Yesterday...

You know I've never watched an inauguration ceremony before?

There have been 4 previous (Clinton 2x, Bush 2x) that I could have watched with some idea of what was going on, but yesterday was the first time that I really decided to see what was going on. And you what my first thought was?

That the whole ceremony looked like this.

Really though. I didn't realize that the whole event was a CORONATION ceremony intertwined with the "March of Triumph of the Conquering General into Rome" celebration. I mean, that makes sense and everything and it was really powerfully moving and all that, but it was still funny to realize that the United States of America, the Democratic Republic (Original Flavor), celebrates a coronation every four years!

Maybe that says something about who we are as people.
Beyond all the differing political ideologies...
Beyond all the differing cultures...
Beyond all the differing religions of Americans...

...we all crave the symbols, they pageantry and the pomp of King-making.

But with the caveat that we can kick the king out anytime we want.
We're still Americans after all.

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