Thursday, January 8, 2009

Resolutions? Probably Not...

Cliff turned 30 on Monday and had accordingly taken the day off from work. As I piddled around getting ready to head off to the church, I let the sounds of "Good Morning America" waft in and out of my hearing. Why Cliff was watching "Good Morning America" I'm not sure, but I started paying attention when the cheerful and chipper news-anchors (news? really?) started talking about New Year's Resolutions. They dropped a pretty serious bomb.


People usually don't keep their new year's resolutions.

I know. Stunning.

So the discussion was on how to keep resolutions, and somebody said something about setting up consequences within the resolution making. Like, you tell your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/best-friend "Now if I don't actually exercise three times a week from now on, I will owe you $500."

Just so we're clear - that's an even greater guarantee that I won't make a new year's resolution. Not only do I have to suffer the humiliation of failure but I also am MONETARILY PENALIZED for my lack of discipline? Check the "NO" box on this one.

So in that light, here are my list of 2009 New Year's Non-Binding Resolutions
(a.k.a things that I should probably be doing but there's no way you're getting any money out of me if I don't succeed)

1. Eat breakfast every morning. I'm much less grumpy and likely to graze
2. Be more creative with my cooking - Cliff is starting to look askance at Grilled Cheese sandwiches
3. Keep the house cleaner. I can live in piles, but that makes Cliff twitchy
4. Write my sermons before Saturday (a.k.a don't be such a procrastinator)
5. Do something fun and unexpected with my hair

How about you? Any non-binding resolutions that you need to make?

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