Saturday, February 7, 2009

So, when I was in College...

I had wonderful, creative, hilarious friends in college (and still do). And some of those friends were BIG BIG Star Wars geeks. Now, I'm not hating on that at all - I of all people have no right to tease ANYBODY when it comes to geekiness (see: Dungeons & Dragons, Fantasy Novels, Star Trek Conventions). My Junior year of college, my friend Joel asked me if I wanted to be in a Star Wars "fan film" that he and his friends were making. Apparantly there is this whole sub-culture of Star Wars fans that makes movies based on the star wars universe and George Lucas is totally supportive! You can use logos, character names, music and graphics from the STar Wars films & universe, but you just can't make any money off of it. Well, my friend Joel is a totally trustworthy guy, so I said why not?! The result was a very awesome experience and actually TWO movies. I bring this up because the third movie was finally released - 3 years after we finished!

If you'd like to see these neat-o films and me vamping in star wars gear, you can go here:

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