Friday, October 9, 2009

Things you think about but never are really prepared for

Without preamble:

Cliff and I are pregnant.

Well...I'm pregnant and Cliff is the responsible party.

We'll know the baby's gender in mid-December and our preliminary due date is April 30th, 2010.
We've known since August 21st  when we took the pregnancy test.  I was four days late and I finally broke the news to Cliff.  He jaunted off to the store and bought me our tests and after a nervous 3 minute wait, we discovered the happy news.
The aforementioned pregnancy test.

Since then, we've had four appointments with my OB
1. The first made when I THOUGHT my 6 week mark was but ended up being early.  I saw the embryo but it was much too tiny to see anything else.

2. The second one Cliff came to and we saw the much larger fetus AND it's heartbeat.  And I found out that my blood type is O-.  Surprise!  Here's a picture of baby G-R.  The long lima-bean shaped portion is the baby, and the rounder bit is the yolk-sac. 
 Hey world!

3. The third visit was not so joyous as I had been up the night before with irregular heart palpitations.  Scary.  I called the OB, they saw me that day and  I ended up getting an EKG at Hillcrest hospital and finding out that I have sinus arrhythmia of the heart.  Apparently, it is very common amongst young, healthy pregnant women. That's not very comforting!

4.  Our fourth visit Cliff also came and heard our baby's heartbeat for the first time. The heartbeat was 160BP.  What a stunning experience to actually HEAR our baby!

As of right now, we've told both sets of parents of their impending grandparent-hood and the grandparents of their soon-to-be great-grandness.  Oh, and I've also developed a sudden allergy to dairy products.  Bummer.  Now, since we're almost to 12 week mark, we felt safer letting you all know about our exciting news.

On a funny note, in the last several weeks we found out that my sister Arwen is due 1 WEEK after me (May 8th) and my Cousin Daniel's wife Sarina is due on the exact same day.  So my grandparents will go from 3 great grand-babies (all Tanya's) to 6 in ONE WEEK!

So there you go. In just a few short months, there will be a brand-new Grasham-Reeves (that isn't an animal)! We'll keep you updated.
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