Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Husband's Perspective

So Elizabeth has been pregnant for like 3 months now and so far...NO FUN CRAVINGS!!! She hasn't wanted anything fun; no pickles and peanut butter, no bananas and hot sauce (at least she eats bananas now), not even marshmallows and bar-b-que sauce. I (cliff) want something fun. I want a legendary craving that will launch a legend that will last for ages. 

I want her to have a craving for something like this

It would be awesome!!!


Arwen Rimmer said...

Oh, so it would be more fun for you if Elizabeth had cravings? Well, that nice. Because cravings are usually accompanied by stomach -turning aversions. "I want a pickle, because everything else makes me want to throw up."

fanch said...

that. is. alarming.