Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I live at the Doctor's Office...a.k.a I'm pregnant

Growing up, I (Elizabeth) was a moderately healthy child.  When I was sick, it was usually bad (ex: having pneumonia) but even then, not that long-lasting.  Here's an example for you - When my sister had mono, she was under the weather for around 6 weeks.  When I had mono, I was only sick enough to miss school for four days.  I eeked out that last day of the week and then regretted it later when I couldn't exempt any final exams my freshman year.

All this to say, I've never really spent that much time at the doctor's office or even thinking about my health.  That is...until I became pregnant.  Now I'm at my OB's office at least once a month, and in the coming weeks, will see him once every two weeks.  I'm more aware of my body than I HAVE EVER been, mentally cataloging all symptoms, pains and questions to bombard my doctor with.  And to top it all off, my immune system is depressed because, well, it's got other things to worry about (i.e. the new human I'm growing) than my silly body.  So right now I'm taking antibiotics for Pharyngitis (a bacterial infection of the Pharynx - thanks Kristin for explaining that to me) and considering getting a Seasonal Flu shot even though I haven't had the flu since 1998.

Ah well...soon my OB visits will end and pediatrician visits will pick up, and as my mother and grandmother say, "I wont have time to get sick."  How funny that creating new life would be so...medically involved!

Oh, and before I forget.  Had my 15 week appointment on Nov. 6th and got to hear the baby's heartbeat again.  Apparently baby-kins is already a performer and did a flip while we were listening.  I'm scheduled to go back to the OB on the 20th to do my Quad-Screening and then will have a sonogram done on December 1st when we will find out the gender of our baby!  Have a guess to what we'll be having?  Make sure to vote in the poll on our blog.

No new pictures yet, but in case you were wondering....the G-R baby is now the size of an:

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