Thursday, February 4, 2010

Medical Update

Happy February!
I swear it was just January 1st...right?
I've (Elizabeth) posted before about how my life has been largely devoid of medical issues, and how this pregnancy has had me running from doctor to doctor.  Well, I thought I'd update you all on some pressing issues.

1.  I do NOT have gestational diabetes.  ::Fist Pump::  Last week I took the 1 hour test and failed it and so had to traipse over to the lab to do the 3 hour version.  Which included fasting from food and water (what?!), having my blood taken 4 TIMES, and drinking the sweetest version of orange soda you've ever had.  Got the call this morning that I passed my test, thank goodness.

2. I do NOT have a heart arrhythmia.  After wearing a heart monitor for the last month, I had a follow up appointment at the Cardiologist's office today.  Apparently, I just have a high heart rate - like between 100 and 150 at all times.  (Note: for pregnant women, it's usually only in the 80's-90's).  Doc said he could give me medicine to slow it down, but that might adversely affect the baby, so there goes that option.  Good news, though, is that my heart rate should slow down by 32 weeks.  Which isn't much comfort seeing as how I'll have a baby 8 weeks after.  Another appointment in 6 weeks to check and see if things have calmed down.

3. My belly button is completely flat.  And actually, it's now starting to protrude.  Yeah, yeah, I know, this isn't really a medical issue, per-say, but its still weird to lose your belly button.  Mommas - back me up here!

In other news, I'm 28 weeks now.  Officially 3rd trimester.  I guess I really AM going to have a baby soon!

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