Saturday, February 20, 2010

At least I'm not craving dirt

I (elizabeth) remember when I was 12 weeks pregnant and I wished that my belly was bigger because at that point it seemed like I had indulged in too much pasta rather than the truth that I was in the process of growing a human.

In case you were wondering, I do not feel that way anymore.  At 30 weeks, all I can think is "I get bigger than this?"  I know, I know...I will get bigger.  And that's a good thing because the baby is gaining weight blah blah blah blah.  I feel huge, okay?  Don't tell a pregnant woman "you're only going to get bigger" and expect that you will avoid some sort of physical confrontation that ends in your visit to the ER.  You aren't clever.

More than I ever, I appreciate people who have the tact to not remind me of my impending "bigger-ness".
I had my 30 week OB appointment on Friday.  Confession:  I feel bad for my doctor.  I rarely have questions for him, and considering how low maintenance my pregnancy has been, I get the feeling I'm a boring pregnant woman.  My baby is growing on target, his heart rate is perfect and I've only gained 26 pounds (ONLY? YIKES! ::inwardly fighting cultural standards of beauty::).  My heart stuff has been weird, but because it's one of those "well, you're just pregnant" problems, it's still not that big of a deal.

Friday, though, something interesting came up.  I mentioned to my doctor that I have been craving and eating a lot of ice, and he said "it's probably just a mild case of pica."  To which I said, "oh right."  And thought "what?  What is pica?  it sounds like it should be from pokemon."  And then he said "at least you're not craving anything really weird.  Some pregnant women get cravings for sawdust or clay."  My face must have been hilarious.  "WHAT? Clay?!"  All I could think of at that point was some largely pregnant women digging her yard like my dog Rika does, shoveling red clay (yes I grew up in Houston) in to her mouth.  Admission: I felt and still very judgmental towards women who would try to eat clay.  I'm sorry.  But don't tell me you aren't cringing just a little.

I gathered from our conversation that "pica" is where you desire to eat things that people don't normally eat, but webmd cleared that up for me.  Pica is  "the persistent eating of substances with no nutrition, such as dirt or paint."  That is even weirder.  PAINT.   But then I laughed at the definition because of the "no nutrition" part.   Does the fact that I love girl scout cookies year round mean I have pica?  Cause those definitely have no nutritive value except deliciousness.
Cliff finished painting the nursery today and then put together the crib and my rocking chair.   Three cheers for Cliff! 

Here's the crib:

And here's the rocking chair :

 Notice the cute paint job that Cliff did in the back.  We wanted more than blue, but we didn't want a lot of brown, so stripes it was.  That took longer to tape off that he thought!

Admittedly, it is still kind of weird to walk into that room and think that I'm baking the little boy that will live there.  The boy who, as of this moment, has hiccups.  Again.  He has them a lot.  10 weeks (I hope.  Keep baking baby!) till we meet him, 10 weeks till I can actually use the baby clothes that we've already received.  10 weeks till I have to bust out the Diaper Genie.  10 more weeks before I'm a mom. 

Strange to think so much can change in so little time.

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