Monday, May 3, 2010

Waiting, Wishing, Wanting...

Since my last update:

On April 28th, Gareth had his "dye-test" to see if he had any leaks in his esophagus.  Unfortunately, he did.  So the surgeon ordered another test for this Wednesday, May 5th.  So Gareth is still recieving all of his feeds through his NG tube, he still has the chest tube in, and still has a "Central Line" IV Port in his chest.  Otherwise, he is perfectly healthy.  Oh...and we're getting to hold him now.  Thank GOD.  It was hard enough having to be hospitalized, but not being able to hold him for a week? That was hellish.

Everyday a gaggle of nurses, doctors and surgeons go room by room in the NICU discussing each of the patients.  This is called "rounds."  At first, Cliff and I would always participate, asking pertinent questions and listening to Gareth's stats.  But now...well now we already know what will be said.  It goes something like this...
"Gareth...these are his stats (blah blah numbers blah blah numbers), he's gained weight, he is recieving full feeds, and we're waiting for the esophagram on Wednesday."

Seriously, it's the same everyday.  He wouldn't even be in the NICU if he didn't have this chest tube in.  We're all just waiting for the results of his next test.  Oh...well...there is something else.  Gareth has acid reflux.  Poor guy.  But he's on Prevacid, and that makes a world of difference for him.

Right now, I'm (Elizabeth) up at the hospital by myself.  Cliff had to go back to work today so he drove back to Waco last night (May 2nd).  It's lonley, but hopefully it won't be for very long. 

If you're the praying type, here's how you could pray for us:
1) Pray that Gareth's leak is totally and completly healed.  This is the last hurdle we have to jump before we can head back to Waco.
2) Pray that Gareth's acid reflux would not adversly affect the leak in his esophagus, and that it would subside.  He gets pretty uncomfortable, even with the prevacid.
3) Pray that Cliff and I remain patient and strong despite our separation and frustration with not being home with our son

Hopefully I can update on Wednesday with better news.  Thanks to all of you for continuing to lift up our family.

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