Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The 2 Month Report

Gareth is now 2 months old.  He had his 2 month appointment at the pediatrician's office and we got all of his most current stats.  As of today he is:

13lbs exactly (80 percentile)
24in long (80 percentile)
And has a 16.5in diameter head (80 percentile)

Dr. Kemper said that he has big hands and feet and that he might be a big boy one day.  That would be very surprising!

Then, of course, Gareth had to get his 2 month old vaccinations.  Which turned out to be 5 SHOTS.  5!  Thankfully, Cliff was with me and he dealt with all the needle business.  And true to form, Gareth cried for maybe 1 second after each shot and then smiled like nothing had happened to him.  I still cried, of course.

Here is our precious baby boy:
We're so thankful to have a healthy and happy baby boy.  2 months down, a million wonderful days to go!


Arwen Rimmer said...

Thank you for the very sweet post. How do you find out the percentiles and such?

Elizabeth G-R said...

The doctor told us when we asked. Make sure to ask your pediatrician!