Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Adventures in Couponing, Part II

We needed dog food, and I had coupons for lots of other stuff, so Cliff, Gareth and I made our way to Target one night.

First, we bought this:

It was on sale, and if you bought it you would recieve a $5.00 Target Gift Card.  I also had a $1/1 coupon and a Buy a Bag get a free can of dog food Coupon.  So we got the bag, the gift card and the can of food.  With that gift card, I bought this stuff:

And because of the gift card and all of my coupons, I only paid $0.74 for it.  All you see was worth 12.93!  That was a savings of 95%

I made my trip to CVS today to see what I could rustle up and ended up getting this collection of goodies:

I only paid 16.93 for everything you see even though it was worth 44.48.  That's correct, I saved 61%

Couponing takes time and patience and the willingness to wait on a good deal, but as far as I can tell - IT's TOTALLY WORTH IT!

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