Thursday, September 2, 2010


Gareth will be starting daycare on Tuesday, September 7th.
The daycare is actually physically inside the church where I (Elizabeth) work, and his room is not more than a couple of hundred feet from my office.  I'm getting a great discounted rate, I will still be able to nurse full-time, and Gareth will be with loving and gifted childcare specialists.  I'm very, very lucky when it comes to Gareth's childcare situation.

And I still cried when I toured the room he was going to stay in. 

I struggle with guilt over my return to work.  I know that God has called me to be a full-time minister and I don't regret that at all, but it is wild how much of a change motherhood (or parenthood in general) wreaks on you.  I feel like I've been divided in half, with only part of me able to focus on my job and the other half always wondering how Gareth is.  As my sister said, when I'm not with him, I feel like I've got a hole in my body.

Ah well...

What about you?  How did you deal with your return to work after having a baby?  Or did you decide to stay home after all?


Scott Baker said...

After I had Bert and Ernie, I came to grips with leaving them alone in the laundry room all day. Your laundry room, to be exact. Have you tried just leaving Gareth there? With a baby gate, it's quite secure. Just saying.

Arwen Rimmer said...

Who is this Scott Baker person? Do you know him?