Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How We've Changed

It's been awhile since I last posted and much has taken place in the meantime.  The one constant joy in the last 8 months has been Gareth.  He continues to grow and learn, a light in the midst of our own personal darkness.

I'm loathe to go into too much detail right now as the pain of our family's present circumstances are jaggedly new.  Some moments I feel as if I'm walking around in a shroud, a thick gray blanket that makes it hard to see the world around me. Some moments feel like an unending shriek of distortion, a painful and inescapable intrusion into the song of our life.  And mostly, life is full of a new and quiet loneliness, an abundance of absence.

I've changed the name of the blog to "A Lonely Bird", a reference to the 102 psalm and its powerful and poignant images of desolation, grief and distress.  It is an apt depiction of life for our family right now, a glimpse into the desolation, grief and distress that bind us so tightly.  This blog will focus on that journey - the struggles, the moments of joy, the mystery of forgiveness, grace and covenants that cannot be broken.  Of course, there will also be posts about Gareth and his progress.

You are welcome to join me on the journey.


Beeki said...

I will join you on the journey. You are not alone.

Michelle said...

It is hesed...and something to be shared between many. I'm in.